There are some people you just connect with, even if you’ve never been in the same room before. Tricia Buice is one of those people. The first time I visited her blog, Saving Room for Dessert years ago, I knew we would end up friends. Her photography is outstanding and she has a friendly and relaxed style of writing. Even though she might not always BE happy, she comes across that way through her words.

Tricia Buice from Saving Room for DessertTricia is a full time professional photographer and recipe developer and the photographs on her blog are testament to her talent in both areas. I’ve made some really wonderful recipes she’s shared with her readers.

She didn’t start part-time blogging until 2010 and has been working full time at recipe developing, photography and writing for only a year. Tricia is not new to cooking and baking. She’s been a keen baker since the age of 6 and learned to make pies at the age of only 10.

Her grandmother taught Tricia to make those wonderful pies and she would have been very proud when she won a blue ribbon at the county fair for an apple pie. She has taught her own daughter and niece how to make pies and documented their first successes on Saving Room for Dessert. Tricia hopes to instill her love of baking in her granddaughters and grandson.

Saving Room for Dessert is all about keeping that little bit of tummy space for the sweet ending of a good meal. In addition to mouth-watering desserts, you’ll also find recipes for breads, candies, breakfast, main courses, salads and sandwiches and tons more delights from the kitchen.

Tricia’s husband Ed is an award winning professional photographer which is always an asset for a food writer when you’re getting started. When I look at her photos, I can tell it’s Tricia’s eye that’s getting the essence of the recipe. Together Tricia and Ed travel the world taking photographs and they even offer to bring folks along with them. Ed gets a big tick of approval from me for loving and promoting the food his wife creates.

Now down to that food. Recipes on Saving Room for Dessert are easy to follow with ingredients listed in order of use. That’s a sign of a really good cook. Also, any method or ingredient that her readers might be unfamiliar with are well explained.

One of my favorite things I made from her blog were these Lemon Meltaways and they were so full of lemony sweetness, I still make them when I want to impress a lemon lover.

Lemon Meltaways

It’s starting to get cold in Australia as winter sets in. Tricia is settling in for summer but I’m making the Classic Pecan Pie she’s so beautifully photographed. I don’t know what it is about cool weather and pecan pie but when the temperature goes down, I think of Thanksgiving desserts.

Classic Pecan Pie

Another favorite of mine is something my mother used to make often and that’s a Boston Cream Pie. In the 1850s the cake was made in a tin at the Parker House Hotel in Boston and that’s why it’s called a Boston Cream Pie. It’s a childhood favorite.

Boston Cream Pie

If you don’t already follow Tricia, I urge you to visit her blog at You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram too.



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