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Food Writer Friday loves good writers and the work they produce.  When we find examples of writing we really enjoy, we’ll post links to it here.  What’s great food writing?  They’re posts, essays or articles, whichever  you prefer to call them that keep us glued to the screen and when we get to the bottom of the page we wish it didn’t have to end.

Brown Sugar Bacon Brussels Sprouts by Jennifer Farley

Brussels sprouts. We need to talk. My poor, neglected vegetable friend. Don’t listen to what others say about you sometimes. They just don’t understand what it’s like to be you. You’re unique and delicate. You should only be prepared in certain ways and sadly… there are many home cooks out there who don’t understand your special needs. People have been cooking… [full post]

Rhubarb, Ginger and Quark Strudel, by Meeta

She was a proud buxom lady who commanded a very special aura of respect whenever she entered the oversized kitchen. It was the kind of respect you knew never to mess with because behind her kind smiles and her liberal patience there was her haughty dignity of being one of the best in her field… [full post]

Passover Lemon Almond Sponge Cake with Warm Lemon Sauce, by Jamie Schler

My parents were the model of discreetness. Social, well-known and very involved with our local synagogue, family mealtimes were nonetheless private affairs, the six of us finding ourselves around the dinner table every night without guests, friends, family or company of any sort. The food was plentiful but plain, a mix of… [full post]

Twabaa or Algerian Lemon and Olive Oil Cookies for great British Chefs, by Rosa

Cookies (or biscuits, as they are commonly named in Great Britain) are comforting and versatile little baked gems that enlighten our day and offer us a unique gustatory experience. Because it comes in all shapes, colors, consistencies, flavors and degrees of refinement, this extraordinary pastry is… [full post]

Red Hazeret – A Horseradish & Red Beets Relish, by Shulie Madnick

Biblical stories and heroes and heroines’ tales from mythology trigger young kids’ healthy imaginations and nightmares alike. Maybe worrisome little kids with an overactive imagination, such as I was. I still am. When I read Russian literature, I felt the heroine’s agony and yearnings. When we went over the Egyptians’ afflictions every year in class, around Passover, I worried about rain of frogs and locust. My shoulders cringed… [full post]

A First Kiss, by Charlie Louie

Being young and naïve it never occurred to me that Michael was becoming in any way interested in me.  One night we’d been out for some takeaway fish and chips and we walked back to the house and decided to watch the movie…[full post]

Ebelskivers! Now that I have your attention, please read on by Eva Taylor

It’s not a swear word. I swear. It just sounds like one. “What the Ebelskiver were you thinking?” or “Where in the ebelskiver were you for two and half hours?” You see? But I can assure you, it’s much more delicious than a swear word. It’s actually a little spherical pancake! [full post]

We Have a Rhythm, by Molly Wizenberg

June is six months old. She has two teeth, monstrous thighs, and is my favorite person in the world. Totally predictable, I know, but I really never thought I would say that about someone who spends most of the day drooling and pulling my hair. [full post]

Salted Caramel Easter Egg Rocky Road by Lorraine Elliott

I warned him against his prolific use of ‘The Draping Effect’. This occurs when he lays clothes out over every surface so that they won’t get wrinkled. Some days I wake up to find three t-shirts draped across the living room. [full post]

Autumn is one of the loveliest seasons in Canberra and I recently made a pact with myself that I must get away from my desk at lunchtime to savour some fresh air and sunshine. Last week, I took the opportunity to walk to Acton,…[full post]

Game Day Meh, by Elissa Altman

With the exception of Zach, my lovely cousin-by-marriage, we are not football people in my family. Zach is a Wisconsin-born, prominent Ann Arbor neurologist and you know how that goes: Packers and Blue paraphernalia everywhere. [full post]

 Chocolate Orange Sponge Cake, by Jamie Schler

I stare into my own eyes, at my own face, skin sallow under the glare of lights much too harsh. Age runs her silver fingers through my hair, mocking my every attempt at feigning less years than I actually own. My eyes slide across the stage behind me; men and women scurry about like rats forever chasing…[full post]

Fatty Daddy Cocktail, by Davie Leite

What do John D. Rockefeller, John F. Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, and I have in common–besides enormous sex appeal and outsized egos? We all have something named after us: a building, an airport (et al), a ship, and (drumroll, please) a cocktail, respectively. [full post]

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