Raymund Macaalay from Ang Sarap

by Maureen Shaw

Raymund from Ang SarapI’ve been visiting Raymund’s blog at Ang Sarap for quite a while now and he’s got the most interesting food in every post.  Raymund, his wife and their daughter all help out to make Ang Sarap the popular blog that it is.  I know he looks really serious in that photo but reading his blog shows a man who knows  how to have fun in and out of the kitchen.

The majority of blogs, especially food blogs, are by women and it’s a breath of fresh air to see a man love food AND blogging the same way I do.  Raymund’s blog is called Ang Sarap because in Tagalog it means ‘It’s Delicious’ and ALL his food is full of flavor and his photos will entice you to give the recipe a try.

Raymund and I approach blogging in much the same way.  He blogs food they eat at home without toothpicks or wedges or Vaseline or anything else to make the photos more enticing, but fake.

Just have a look at this Ferrro Rocher Cheesecake?  Talk about a romance-worthy dessert!

Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake

He’s a software developer/architect by profession but his passion is cooking, travel and photography – it’s evident on every page of his blog.  Raymund learned to cook when he was only seven years old and has been cooking every day since he was fourteen, so he’s had a lot of practice and his job has taken him to many different countries.

You’ll find recipes from over 50 countries on his blog and he keeps traveling.  These Beef Ribs Churrascaria  almost make me want to get on a plane for Brazil.

Beef Ribs Churrascaria

Ang Sarap was created to provide a parking spot for Raymund’s recipes and because he felt that of all the Asian cuisines represented on blogs, the Philippine cuisine was sorely lacking with only a few bloggers writing about it.  Ang Sarap has certainly stepped up to fill that void as Raymund attempts with every post to educate people about the culinary treasures created in Philippine kitchens every day.

I love visiting Raymund’s blog because I never know what I’m going to get.  One day it might be a Filipino dish, another day something from Brazil and on another day something from New Zealand – and they’re all worth making at home.

Adobo, according to Raymund, is the most popular Filipino dish of all time and it might even be their national dish.  One look at the photo and the recipe and I know why.  Chicken, pork or both cooked in vinegar, soy sauce and sugar ends up as a delightful sweet and sour dish that goes well with rice.

One of my favorite posts on Ang Sarap was What do Filipinos Serve During Christmas?  I love learning about different cultures and traditions, especially around the holidays.

What Do Filipinos Serve During Christmas

I hope you’ll visit Raymund at Ang Sarap to enjoy his recipes and mouthwatering photographs.  You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

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