Rosa Mayland from Rosa’s Yummy Yums

by Helene

Rosa Mayland from Rosa's Yummy YumsRosa Mayland always impressed me. It might be her transporting and playful words, her food knowledge or simply her kind spirit that made me come out of my shell when I started out as a food blogger. Rosa has it all, the talents we are all craving for and the enchanting uniqueness of a young and beautiful woman. I know that Rosa is always there, omnipresent, always comforting me with her online presence and her blog.

Her food and photography blog, Rosa’s Yummy Yums, has been my anchor and I frequently catch myself loosing control of time while on her blog. Her words resonate my believes, her pictures transport me beyond space and time and the food… oh the food, it’s full of hope and progress. Rosa has style and her artistic eye is most unique and that’s what makes her stand out in the crowd. Also Rosa’s Yummy Yums is one of the few bilingual food blogs penned in english as well as in french and the blog has been existing for almost 10 years!

Damson Plum Flaugnarde Clafoutis

Rosa lives in a country side village near Geneva situated in the french speaking part of Switzerland. Rosa is an anglo-swiss rock lady with a penchant for passionate food made from scratch. Her heart reaches out for food and whenever I was desperately seeking dinner recipe ideas, Rosa would contemplate with me together how I could surprise my husband once again. One time I was left with a bag full of peanuts at home and nothing else and Rosa was the one who initiated a gorgeous thrilling pasta sauce recipe (btw I should share this recipe some time!).

Rosa admits…

I am crazy about flavorful and soul-uplifting grubs, spices and yummy textures, therefore I’m particularly fond of British, Asian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, South American, Middle Eastern delights as well as regional and traditional Swiss specialties.

turkey tikka masala

So called Junk food is a big no-no in Rosa’s world, in fact she would pronounce things such as ready made cake mixes or anything too industrial a pure food blasphemy. I understand Rosa. Nothing beats from scratch homemade food with seasonal local organic produce. Rosa explains…

Those are the meals which we will remember our whole life long. One must respect food!

My favorite recipe goodies from Rosa’s page are of course her perfect cakes, Torte and other traditional baked goods. A few of her recipes have landed in my all famous recipe box, which I share with my family and friends. A recent favorite, which I haven’t been able to make yet, is her Lemon and Ricotta delight. It looks so light and inviting, a true gem!

how to cook jasmine and basmati rice

Another gorgeous aspect of her work are her dramatic and crisp photos from her daily life, her photographic essays and her black and white Wednesday editions. Rosa has given us a glimpse of her life in Switzerland with soulful pictures of ever so green landscapes and crystal clear mirroring Swiss alps in the lake waters.

Yes, Rosa and I, we have lots in common such as our love for good quality food and a rocking, alternative, attitude towards life. However, Rosa loves the alpine coolness and the gorgeous winter months and if you know me, I dread temperatures beneath 25 Celsius! Therefore, unfortunately, I have never had a chance to meet the wonderful Rosa. Back in 2008 I was working in Switzerland for an NGO, and often I wonder if Rosa had passed my way in Geneva. I also wished I had known Rosa back then. We have so much to share and I look up to Rosa for everything she has done in the food community. Rosa is a wonderful friend and person to know, true to herself and her believes, a real timeless muse full of enlightening surprises.


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Helene is the author behind and shares FoodWriterFriday with Maureen from She is originally Austrian/French but moved in her very early twenties to the beautiful coastline state Goa, India. She loves to discover new exotic ingredients and she enjoys developing Indian/European fusion dishes and of course you will find her also cooking traditional Austrian, French and Goan dishes.

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